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Custom Nightguards | Unnecessary Expense Or Worthy Investment?

If you’re one of the 10% of American adults who is affected by teeth grinding or bruxism then it’s time to talk to your dentist about treatment plans. When left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to one or more symptoms including not limited to loose teeth, insomnia, headaches, frequent toothaches, cracked teeth and earaches. Depending … more

Over the Counter Nightguards | Cost-Effective or Just Low Cost?

Bruxism In America Many American Adults Are Suffering From the Effects of Teeth Grinding. Teeth grinding or bruxism affects as much as 10% of American adults according to the American Sleep Association. And though there is a lot of speculation about what may cause this nightly grind, the ADA attributes it to causes including but … more

Living with Sensitive Teeth | Why You’re In Pain and What You Can Do to Strengthen Your Pearly Whites

Having sensitive teeth can really affect your day and the way you are able to enjoy life. And if you’re experiencing tooth tingling or pain when you eat hot or cold foods or sweets you may be one of the many who are suffering from tooth sensitivity. But what causes it?  Why Am I So … more

What to Expect When Your Tooth Has to Go | Maintaining a Happy, Healthy Mouth Post-Surgery

In our post, “The Impact of Wisdom Teeth | What They’re For and When They Need to Come Out” we shared some insight into the misconceptions surrounding wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth extraction. But what happens when you do need oral surgery? Here are a few things you might expect following a tooth extraction. Please … more

Welcome to Our New Website!

Lake Cities Dental in Southlake, Texas is an award-winning family dental practice and preferred provider. We’re dedicated to providing the very best in dental and orthodontic services to the insured as well as uninsured, and our new website is no exception. From easy navigation to valuable information, we created our new website with you, the patient, … more

Diagnosing TMD

In our last post, “The Trouble with TMJ“, we discussed a few of the symptoms and potential causes of temporomandibular disorders or TMD. Yet, how are TMDs diagnosed and what treatment options are available for those who suffer from temporomandibular disorders? Diagnosing TMD | A Perio Process To diagnose TMD, the Mayo clinic staff says … more