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Maintaining Your Smile

When it comes to maintaining good oral health for all occasions, everyone seems to have the same questions.  Those questions typically include, how can I maintain my smile after whitening or cleaning to, what can I do to make my smile look better?  Having a whiter smile and great oral health is not only a … more

Oral Health and Pregnancy

The mouth is the gateway into the body.  Regardless of a woman’s overall health, changes typically accompany a woman during pregnancy.  These changes are also associated with one’s oral health, particularly with the teeth and gums.  Oral health is sometimes overlooked in overall health care during pregnancy.  Being better-informed can result in better decision making … more

Southlake Communities Family Dentist & Orthodontics Specialist

At Lake Cities Dental we pride ourselves in being your family dentist and orthodontics specialist in North Texas.  We would like to take a moment to welcome new families and patients to the Lake Cities Dental family as well as invite those looking for a warm and inviting dental practice.  Located in Southlake, TX, we … more