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How Oral Hygiene Can Prevent Heart Disease

We hear it time and time again—“Decrease stress, lose weight, don’t smoke and watch your cholesterol for heart disease prevention.”   Did you know though that there is another preventative measure you can take which doesn’t require the prick of a needle or hours on the treadmill? Periodontist Sally Cram, DDS says, “There are a lot … more

Merry Christmas from Lake Cities Dental

We’re thinking of you this time of year, Wishing you happiness, joy, and cheer. May all your days be warm and bright, And your nights enhanced by holiday light. Enjoy your delectable holiday foods, As parties and gifts create holiday moods. Favorite people play a meaningful part, While treasured rituals warm your heart. You are … more

Getting Familiar with Dentures

Dentures are made in place of missing teeth to help with biting, chewing and recreating ones smile.  Typically dentures are created due to gum disease, tooth decay and accidents or injuries in which a person has lost their natural and permanent teeth. Dentures are made to increase ones appearance and health by way of being … more

Help Keep your Teens Teeth in Good Oral Condition

A teen’s life is always changing which is why parents should also be just as involved in their teen’s oral care just as they were through their early childhood.  While we want to maintain good oral hygiene practices, sometimes eating right and maintaining brushing and flossing habits, are not on a teen’s list of priorities.

What Do You Really Know About Your Tongue?

Sometimes a white or gray patch can develop on the tongue, the floor of a mouth, or on the inside of a cheek.  This is called Leukoplakia and is typically the mouth’s reaction to irritation of mucous membranes.  Leukoplakia can surface at any time; however, it is more common in senior citizens.

Your Teeth and Cleaning

Part of great oral hygiene is teeth cleaning.  While brushing, flossing and rinsing properly are essential for everyday oral hygiene, a deeper and thorough cleaning from your dental hygienist is necessary as well.  When teeth cleaning or prophylaxis is administered, the procedure is given to remove tartar that may have developed in difficult to reach … more