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Oral Cancer | Understanding Cause and Prevention

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, about 49,750 Americans will get diagnosed with oral oropharyngeal cancer just this year. Of those diagnosed, close to 9,750 will die, and while the post-diagnosis survival rate is slowly on the rise, the number of families still affected by this horrific disease is staggering. That’s why we continue to make it part … more

The Whole Truth About Partial Dentures

When you’re missing one or more teeth, it’s very common for your mouth to experience shifting and adjusting in an attempt to compensate for the hole in your bite. This shifting of your mouth can sometimes lead to changes in your physical appearance and problems with other teeth. Enter the partial denture, a structural piece … more

Orthodontics | What’s Available for Patients Seeking Adult Braces

In last week’s post, Orthodontics | Why More and More People Are Choosing Adult Braces, we discussed the growing numbers of adults who are seeking orthodontic correction as well as the “whys” behind those decisions. These days there are many orthodontic correction opportunities available.  Whether it be traditional metal braces, clear braces, invisalign, or veneers, there … more

What Do You Really Know About Your Tongue?

Sometimes a white or gray patch can develop on the tongue, the floor of a mouth, or on the inside of a cheek.  This is called Leukoplakia and is typically the mouth’s reaction to irritation of mucous membranes.  Leukoplakia can surface at any time; however, it is more common in senior citizens.

Oral Health and Pregnancy

The mouth is the gateway into the body.  Regardless of a woman’s overall health, changes typically accompany a woman during pregnancy.  These changes are also associated with one’s oral health, particularly with the teeth and gums.  Oral health is sometimes overlooked in overall health care during pregnancy.  Being better-informed can result in better decision making … more

Do You Know Your Teeth?

A lot of us know these white, pearly, bone-like structures as teeth, but how much do you really know about them?  Most think teeth are bones and they do hold many of the same properties, however, bones contain sodium and collagen which allows for flexibility and pressure.  Therefore, teeth and bones are considered different and … more

Counting Cavities

Destruction of the tooth structure is tooth decay; what occur are cavities. Tooth decay attacks two areas of the tooth, your enamel and the inner layer of the tooth called the dentin. So what causes tooth decay? Sugars and starches or carbohydrates are the main contributors with foods such as candy, cakes, cookies, soda, cereals … more