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Download Our Custom Teeth Whitening Coupon Today! | And May All Your Christmases be White

Teeth Whitening | Lake Cities Dental | Dr. Moore | Southlake, TX
Lake Cities Dental wants to help keep this season merry and bright with our $100 Custom Teeth Whitening Kit.

The last ornament has been hung on the Christmas tree, and your stack of cards have been stamped with Snoopy and sit waiting to be mailed to friends and family at home and abroad. These days leading up to Christmas can be a sweet time of reflection, joy and anticipation. However, they can also become a hurried whirlwind of deadlines and stress as we rush to fit everything onto our holiday lists and check them twice.

Teeth Whitening | The Gift of a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Lake Cities Dental wants to help you keep this season merry and bright. Need a last minute Christmas gift? Or just want to brighten your smile for the upcoming festivities? We have a great special on teeth whitening that will help you dazzle at any office party, fundraiser or gift exchange.

Teeth Whitening | The Skinny On Stains

Where do stains come from anyway? Delta Dental says it is natural for our teeth to darken over time. However, according to Mouth Healthy, some foods and drinks, specific medications and tobacco use can add to our natural stains, leading us to smile for the camera lips-closed or avoid attention altogether.

Teeth Whitening | You Deserve to Feel Good About Your Grin

We think you’re beautiful, and we love your smile! We want you to love it again too and embrace the confidence a stain-free smile can bring.

Click here to download your coupon for our $100 custom whitening kit. Bring your coupon to the office between now and December 31, and we’ll send you home with everything you need to achieve a whiter smile.

If you have questions about whether or not teeth whitening is right for you or would like to know more about your oral health, make an appointment with Dr. Moore today! While you’re doing that, don’t forget to view the list of services we offer our patients everyday!

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